CCD Attended the Global Journey of Design Hotels: 20th Station Beijing Forum

On 31st July, 2018, 20th station of the global Journey of Design Hotels was held in Beijing. Joe Chung, the founder of Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong, and his business partner Ken Hu were invited as speakers to share their professional experience. They have used their two new design projects: Beijing Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Shanghai Shimao Wonderland InterContinental Hotel as cases to elaborate the theme of the Forum ‘symbiosis and rebuild’. 
Together with the Architect Martin Jochman, Mr. Hu also participated in an interactive discussion with the audiences, which received positive responses from attending designers.
‘Global Journey of Design Hotels’ always works toward building the most efficient platform for communication, by inviting outstanding designers from the world to share their experience and concepts,, and to provide the designs of China with some new horizons and new ideas.