CCD (Cheng Chung Design)’s trans-boundary Design for Esquire EDW2013 Optimal Design Exhibition

From September 7th to 12th, 2013, the EDW2013 Optimal Design Exhibition was held again by Esquire China’s most influential men's fashion magazine. Liu Jiang, president of Trends Group, Shou Ma, vice president of Trends Group, attended the VIP opening party with many representatives from the design and fashion circles. 
Joe Cheng, a leading figure in hotel interior design, was invited as a designer of the main exhibition hall which focuses on creating an inviting guest receiving space for social intercourse. The exhibition hall themed “Friendship” gave off a simple but elegant charm with its hue of black and white. While the decoration of gauze curtain and artificial snow mountain added to the space some natural beauty. With all these meticulous designs, the exhibition created a unique space in which ‘a fashion gentleman filled with oriental romance is waiting for his guest.’